We promote QUIET, a highly sensitive CMB polarization measurement experiment, located in the Atacama Desert of Chile.

We search for the B-mode polarization at the highest sensitivity in the world. The B-mode polarization can be the evidence of the gravitational wave at inflation. In order to achieve the level of sensitivity, we set our goal to be ten times more sensitive than that of WMAP. Observation and analysis will be carried out in collaboration with PolarBeaR, which can provide data in the complimentary wavelength region.

We will initiate R&D and a conceptual design of the World’s first satellite for the extremely sensitive CMB polarization measurement together with the A02 group. The satellite will let us go beyond ground-based experiments which are limited by narrow vision and large systematics due to the atmosphere.

We will conduct a test run of the focal plane detector developed for the satellite mission in the Atacama Desert.