Subjects (H24-H25)

Group Affiliation Leader Title
A01 Tsukuba University Suguru Takada Development of bobbin-less superconducting magnet and multilayer magnetic shields for high efficient ADR
A01 NIMS Takenori Numazawa Multi-stages ADR system for space missions
A01 KEK Masaya Hasegawa Laboratory Calibration System for Large Focal Planes with Superconducting CMB Detectors
A01 KEK Tomotake Matsumura Development of a continuously rotating broadband half-wave plate modulator for a cosmic microwave background polarization experiment
A02 NAOJ Takeshi Noguchi Development of a low-noise microwave kinetic inductance detector(MKID)
A02 NAOJ Ken'ichi Karatsu Construction of beam measurement system for integration of MKID camera array
A02 KEK Mitsuhiro Yoshida
A03 The University of Tokyo Kimiaki Kawara Observations of the Cosmic Optical Background
A03 JAXA Kouji Tsumura Absolute Measurement of the Cosmic Near-Infrared
A04 Chiba University Ryouji Matsumoto Background Using Eclipsed Galilean Satellites as Occulters
A04 Nagoya University Tsutomu Takeuchi A study on the CMB foreground decomposition by the self-organizing state-space model
A05 Tohoku University Fuminobu Takahashi Non-Gaussianity as a probe of the origin and evolution of density perturbation
A05 Tokyo Institute of Technology Masahide Yamaguchi Constraints on inflation models from non-Gaussianities of primordial density and tensor fluctuations
A05 Kyoto University Takahiro Tanaka Quantum fields on inflationary spacetime
A05 Kumamoto University Keitaro Takahashi Probing Early Universe with Cosmic Strings

Subjects (H22-H23)

Group Affiliation Leader Title
A01 Kinki University Izumi Ohta Development of the wide-viewing broadband optical system for the polarization observation of the cosmic background radiation
A01 KEK Nobuhiro Kimura Development of a ultra lightweight High Tc superconducting magnet for space-flight ADR
A01 KEK Nobu Katayama Development of analysis pipeline using Fermi GPUs
A01 KEK Mitsuhiro Yoshida Sub-diffraction-limit millimeter wave optics for sattelite using micro-structure including super lens
A01 KEK Masaya Hasegawa Study of polarized foreground emission for the future satellite CMB experiment
A01 JAXA Yoh Takei Innovational multiplexing readout of transition edge sensors for study of structure formation and evolution of the Universe
A02 Nagoya University Hiroyuki Akaike Development of high quality NbN junctions with plasma-nitrided barriers for submillimeter-wave detectors with high sensitivity
A03 The University of Tokyo Kimiaki Kawara Obseravtions of the Cosmic Optical Background
A03 Kyoto University Tomonori Totani Developing Cosmological Galaxy Formation Model in Infrared Regime
A05 Hirosaki University Ryuichi Takahashi Estimating E-mode polarization induced by gravitational lensing using ray shooting simulations
A05 Yamagata University Nobuyuki Sakai Imprints of Nonlinear Large Scale Structure on Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and Their Constraints on Early-Universe Models
A05 The University of Tokyo Fuminobu Takahashi Cosmology in the low-scale inflation and its observational implications
A05 Kyoto University Takahiro Tanaka Infrared and Ultraviolet divergence problem in inflation