Head Investigator

Name: Masashi Hazumi 
Affiliation: Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK
                     CMB Group

Group Leaders

Group Name Affiliation Research Theme
A01 CMB Masashi Hazumi Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK Study on the super-high energy physics via polarization measurements of cosmic microwave background radiation.
A02 Detectors Chiko Otami Terahertz Sensing & Imaging Laboratory, RIKEN Development of the high sensitivity detector arrays for the exploration of the early Universe.
A03 CIRB Shuji Matsuura Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA Exploration of Dark Ages by observations of the cosmic infrared background radiation.
A04 Foreground Radiation Makoto Hattori Graduate School of Science, Tohoku University Construction of the high-precision separation scheme for the foreground radiation component from the cosmic microwave background.
A05 Ultimate Theory Hideo Kodama Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK Quest for the ultimate theory based on direct observations of the evolution of the early Universe.

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